Ok so I have kind of loved the IDEA of webcomics for ages because its that whole…bringing the product to the consumer and if the consumer loves if they buy stuff because just yeah….A great way for artists to get their work seen.

And right now I am getting REALLY into some webcomics so heres a short list

Nimona by Gingerhaze.
For those of you who actually don’t know about Gingerhaze and her fab comic its about a noble supervillain and his teen shapeshifting sidekick(named Nimona). And in the last week the plot has taken quite a turn so I am waiting for the next installments like OH MY GOD

Endless Dream by Navydream
Holy shit I never knew I wanted Neil Gaimans Sandman crossed over with Sherlock in beautiful comic form but yup. (Ironically I am still struggling to get through the actual sandman comics because WOW they are dense reading but I do not have this problem with Endless Dream)

Best Friends Forever by GoKnights

The Highschool teams star quarterback and the nerdy head of student council are the bestest friends EVER. And they might be more than friends…maybe…Lots of UST and sweet sweet bromance

I am also really intrigued by the direction the plot has taken is The Fox Sister

Ava’s Demon is really fab although this chapter is a super long flashback and its been one for a few weeks but I think thats nearly done.

So I also would love recommendations. Anybody know a kickass webcomic I should read?